Warning of it is possible only one day in advance… a catastrophic solar storm that could end the world!

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Russia Today wrote:

A leading expert has revealed that the end of the world could be caused by a catastrophic solar storm that future scientists may have little time to warn of..

Among the various doomsday scenarios facing Earth from space, solar storms are not high on the agenda for most people. However, these high energy emissions from the sun can wreak havoc. Earth is rarely affected by it, but its devastating impact can be seen all over the solar system, so scientists are now looking for it more..

Astrophysicist Dr. Michael Thaler said: BigThink: “Exactly where these high-energy particles come from and how they accelerate away from the sun is what we study. When I say high-energy particles, I’m talking about electrons and protons – sometimes the size of a helium nucleus. They explode through our solar system at a speed of a million miles per hour. And there’s the high-energy wind that changes planets — it’s responsible for the loss of its atmosphere on Mars over time.“.

Solar storms are responsible for “Mars losing its atmosphere” and “Venus turning into this infernal thing,” Thaler explained.

But she added: “The only reason the Earth isn’t affected as much by it is because we have a very strong magnetic field. The molten metal core moving inside the Earth creates a magnetic bubble. This protects us from the solar wind.“.

“We have an early warning system to see if anything dangerous is coming from the sun,” Thaler continued. “We probably have about a day in advance. Solar winds usually don’t pose a great danger to us, but just like the weather – sometimes there are big thunderstorms. In the case of the sun, it sometimes has very chaotic storms – can reach trillions of tons in one moment. fast moving charged material going to Earth The greatest danger of these things to us is that when they hit the Earth’s field they could wipe out our power grids.“.

In the past 200 years, astronomers have recorded two solar storms responsible for global upheaval. The larger of these two events was the so-called Carrington event of 1859.

After a powerful solar storm hit the planet, the resulting storm caused telegraph wires to glitter and burn across North America and Europe..

Today an event on the Carrington scale is likely to cause the internet to collapse and the GPS satellites to shut down (GPS), causing a global power outage — and the bad news is, one of these storms came dangerously close in 2012.

Physicists investigated the solar storm and, in 2014, drew up a grim report about the damage it could have caused to Earth’s infrastructure..

According to their report, the storm’s total economic impact could exceed 1.45 trillion pounds ($2 trillion).


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